CCXXV – April Fools’ Eve

Tuesday March 31st, 2015

I like I’m sure a lot of you, am going through the tickle trunk trying to decide what to wear for my favourite holiday of the year; April Fools Day. I have spent quite some time Googlizing the origin of April Fools Day.

Early Computer equipment…the Applecus

The chinese emperor Kum Quat of the Trix dynasty (a short dynasty between the Xin and the Han). Quat or is it Kum thought that it would be funny to appoint the court jester to be the emperor for the day. A day of fun, jokes and tricks were the order of the day. This just happened to be on April 1st (or the equivalent day on the Chinese Calendar). The tradition took off in China even after the Trix dynasty. The explorer Exor Marcus Spotius brought the tradition back to Europe along with a load of early computer equipment. The rest is history. Of course April 1st is also the day that I was born almost 62 years ago.

Yesterday we were anchored just off George Town and the ladies went ashore and cruised the malls. All of them returned without any purchases. Normally this is noteworthy. It is a little upsetting as my birthday is so close. One shopping day left today. No chance that anything; cards or expensive gifts will make it to me in time. Oh well…

Without a camera we went to Chat ‘n’ Chill for a beverage and a snack. It is a nice place with beach, volleyball bar and restaurant. Prices; a goombay smash with a topper is $11 U.S. I suggest the topper, it makes a nice finish. A burger and fries was $10. Drinks out are expensive here so I suggest you bring a flask. You might get your arms broken but everything is a trade-off.

People watching here is fun…a wide variety of folks, characters and others???

More later


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