Tuesday March 17th, 2015. St. Patrick’s Day

st-patricks-day-clip-art_1424950260It is St. Paddy’s day. I get to open up the tickle trunk and get out all the green stuff. Hopefully we will go to shore and enjoy the company of fellow cruisers and those who wish they were Irish or were of Irish blood. Everyone can be Irish for the day, laugh, enjoy the day and have a few.

I will practice the tin whistle today, hopefully get a tune that I can play by the end of the night. There are so many holes in the freakin’ thing. Perhaps if I just plug a few with 5200 it will be much easier to play. Look forward to hearing that audio file. Tabernac! My daughter Jennifer gave me the tin whistle for Christmas one year…still having fun.

Yesterday I went down and picked up Dave Daub and we went to the ‘cleaning hole’ on Stocking Island. This hurricane hole will be Fracas’ summer mooring. We will prepare her for the worst and hope for the best. The odds of a direct hit are low and we will bank on that. This particular mooring is flushed daily by an subterranean cave that brings in ocean water from some miles out to sea. The opening is  a snorkeling area and abounds with fish. Pictures to follow. We have about a month before we have to strip FRACAS and send her to summer camp.

After lunch we went into George Town. That was likely a mistake as the wind was gone and the heat was up. Very hot ashore. We explored, walked about, had a great hamburger for lunch, got beer and picked up a few groceries. I do have a weakness for potato chips, a bag here was 6.25 that’s .25 more than at Bimini. The case of Kalik was $43 but a trivial cost to avert scurvy. I picked up a couple of extra water jugs and the Explorer chart book for this area. We highly recommend the Explorer charts over any of the others we have tried. ML uses paper religiously I not so much. But it is less likely that a paper chart will fail or have a battery issue…

IMG_3175The battery in my watch has died. Where to begin to search for a watch battery in George Town. I will ask today on the cruisers net, some better prepared sailor may have a spare on board. It is an SR927W: Sorry the little table below is for me equivalent batteries

399 SR927W V399 399 D399 399 613 W 280-44 SB-BP/EP SR927W

Other grocery pricing; Cantelope – under 5 bucks, bread was 9 bucks. ML will continue to bake the wonderful bread, I pay her 6 bucks.

Here are a few pictures from our day. I forgot my camera to take better pics. We may go hiking today before the heat is upon us.

A few of my friends and cohorts still have parents who are with us yet, but every year there are fewer and fewer. Some of us lost parents much too young. Soon we will be left holding the mantle. We must remember that we are who we are because of our parents, grandparents, family and extended families. They all raised us to be the people we are. We must never forget that when the day comes that we have to say goodbye. They will always live within us.



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