CCXII – Hamburger Beach

Wednesday March 18th, 2015

IMG_1850We did dress up in our finest green from the tickle trunk and cruised around in the dinghy before it got too hot for wearing extra hair. We stopped by Anneteak to finally meet in person but they weren’t home. We then decided to make a walking trek across Stocking Island to the Atlantic and the beaches on the west side of Stocking. It was beautiful over there as you will see from the pictures. I guess I have to get some of my hair to shore and see if anyone at a boutique can fix them up, perhaps some spray will fix things up, they can wait til next year unless an occasion comes along for green hair?

I think that today Mango will move from the Scandals Spa and anchor in the bay. Not sure they remember how to rough it out here on the hook. I do hope they are having a good time with their daughter Hannah. We may move the boat today and anchor a little farther south to be closer to the action, whatever that might be.

We did a small project making one of the access panels in our cabin easier to open by making the cover two pieces. I also developed my version of a rum punch. I think they were pretty good and they will even be better when I can use real lime juice (freshly squeezed).


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