CCX George Town

Monday March 16th, 2015 (St. Paddy’s Eve)

Yesterday we left from Oven Rock about 08:30 in order to get to Galiot Cut at Low tide. The tide has to flow in and out through these cuts onto the bank and you can get rage conditions when the tidal flow is in opposition to strong wind. The conditions within the cut were as we hoped and quite benign. The residual sea from the days and daze of wind were sloppy but manageable. The wind was directly on the nose which was a bit of a surprise but it did shift east but dropped. We could still motor sail and gain a little boost and the sails did steady up the boat a touch.

Mango was losing speed to the sea and decided to shorten their trip an hour by going into Emerald Bay Marina. This would give them a dock to be on for their daughter Hannah’s arrival to meet them and give them an opportunity to get laundry done. It looks like a nice place, but our laundry was done and we decided to move on to George Town.

There are lots of anchoring opportunities in the George Town and Stocking Island channel. The majority of the boats are at the various beaches on Stocking Island. We are presently at Monument beach which is just south of Hamburger beach. Dave from Bliss and one of his guests came by last night to greet us to GT. They are presently anchored at Volleyball beach. I have so much to learn.

We are waiting for the local cruisers net to begin. We will announce that FRACAS is a newbie and we will get a plethora of information on local activities and services. Beer is high on the list of supplies required. (Later) The cruisers net (Sue) gave us a lot of information about the services and activities available. They have a pump out, garbage and propane boat operated by Rodney and he comes by Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is nice to hear that they have a pump out facility for the harbour.

Dave took me in and introduced me to Bob at the hurricane hole ( Kevalli House ) where Fracas will spend the summer. It looks very secure and he certainly was welcoming. We still have a month or so until we have to leave her. It will be tough to leave FRACAS, but our new grandson will soon be upon us.

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