CCV.I – Oven rock and Hiking ashore

Wednesday March 11th, 2015

We arrived here at Little Farmer Cay on Monday March 9th. We were here by lunch time and after a short nap we were ready for adventure. The first stop was to the beach and the infamous Oven Rock. When we arrived there were two other boats here at this anchorage and several others around and outside Little Farmer Cay. The beach we are laying off is actually part off Great Guana Cay. It offers wonderful protection for anything East and that has been the prevailing blow. East, anything from 15 to 25 with little gusts more. On the other side or west side of the Exumas lives the ocean and these energetic trade winds have the sea and the cuts active and a little concerning. There are only the gaps (cuts) between the islands for the tide to come in and go back out…so the current can be quite extensive in the narrow cuts we have to pass through. The sea state on the ocean side is also a factor as the chop in the cuts can be interesting. We don’t want to over extend Fracas, she has been stalwart and true so we will wait til we can get out in safety.

We have been traveling with Mango and they are meeting their daughter on Saturday. The only problem is we are still a day from where she will land. I think Mango has a viable solution…Hannah will come to us. Various means of transportation will be involved; taxi, go cart, excursion boat, etc…. It will all work out it always does.

Here are the pictures of our shore walk about on Great Guana Cay and Oven Rock:

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