CCVI – Holding pattern

Thursday March 12th, 2015

IMG_2134.JPGSister Mary Francis…it was laundry day again on, in and around FRACAS. ML and that beast of a washing machine took over the boat. This morning I can’t see the clock to tell what time it might be, boxers, flimsies, and other clothing are festooned on any surface that could hold a clamp. I think I will have to invent some sort of a cyclonic spinning device to hang from the mast to facilitate the drying of the clothes. It is nice to have clean clothes…those of you who have read my blog know my system of stomp and dry with an arsenal of one pair of shorts, two pair of boxers and two t shirts…We have too many clothes.

We continue to wait for the trade winds to settle some so that we can move down to George Town and look over FRACAS’ summer mooring. We have her booked into Hurricane hole #3.  We still have five weeks or so before we have to get out of here though.

Sunday and Monday look like opportunities for we first timers to maneuver through cuts and get to George Town on the outside. Hopefully that works out with Mango’s daughter’s arrival. In order to get Hannah from the airport at George Town onto Mango, she has to walk 5 miles from the airport to her hotel. Then on Sunday travel by Big Majors Hog cart to the Barraterre settlement catch an excursion boat and hopefully get the guy to stop here and drop her off. Simple?

Yesterday John Mango had the crews ashore for our cave excursion. We did the walk down the beach turn right at the hard hat, walk inland in the heat turn right this time at hard hat number two and up the hill turn right again and you are in the cave. Karen and I did not venture too deeply into the cave while John and ML spelunked their brains out. I have issues going into caves built by the low bidder… There weren’t any bats, all caves have to have bats.

Today we will go to shore for another walk about. I need lithium batteries for the inreach. The chances that I will find lithium batteries is slim to none but the fun is in the trying.

Some pics from the cave outing:


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