Saturday February 18th, 2017

I watched TP45’s news conference the other day… it had everything but “Off with their heads” I expected him to say it though.

Over the past week to 10 days the Mangos have been sharing a cold. First John with a serious ‘man’ cold then Karen with a cold. We took all the precautions, she had to walk 10 paces behind us and we sprayed her with windex at regular intervals. But this morning I think I have the ‘man’ version of this cold. I think it might be the first cold I have had while travelling in the south. I have to be brave and try not to whine, moan and groan like the Mangos. This will require generous quantities of vitamin R (rum) to drown this malady… Tabernac.

I will avoid mentioning I have a cold or that I don’t feel well when meeting the locals. Everytime the Mangos mentioned it the local would suggest they go to… “the clinic”. I expect that the clinic is not as bad as I think… there is no doctor only ‘the nurse’. I know about the nurse, my tombstone will say “told you I was sick”! Maybe this will pass with my morning cup of coffee.

We are out of snob coffee and the replacement coffee is passable but not very good. We have several bags of beans, publix generic and Aldi cheap. They have good coffee here at the resort and I may have to resort to going up for one. I’ve added 15 beans to the grind this morning in hopes of improving the result. It’s not that it is expensive here it just doesn’t exist. I think they have some bean coffee at Marsh Harbour but it may be a few days before we are there. Everything going badly so far this morning; substandard coffee and a man cold.

Today we have to water up and get the boat ready to move again. Yesterday I did an oil change so we are good for another 100 hours. Not sure what else we will do today.




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