Man Jack Cay

Monday February 20th, 2017

Yesterday was move day. We agreed to stay ashore for a week and we did. But it was time to move and see more of the Abaco area. When we came out of the channel and into the sea of Abaco the wind was blowing South West and was into the high 20’s. Our destination was wide open to that wind so we went to the south side and snuggled up to Abaco Island.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the shower/squall band to come through and then the wind started to clock to the North. In the lull after the rain we raised anchor and made the 45-minute run across to Man Jack Cay. The wind continued to clock as advertised and we were soon in the lee of Man Jack.

There continued to be a slight swell and round the point chop but it was tolerable. Even this morning it continues to bounce the boat around but not too bad. Hopefully Mango could sleep. It is made a tad worse by the set of the boat to the wind and the chop/swell taking us just ahead of the beam.

The rate at Bluff House was $1.25 a foot per day for the week. Not a huge deal but not bad. I was plugged into the electricity which in the cruising business can sometimes lead to severe surprises, but not so here. The meter did not move. We certainly used some electricity, but the meter did not move. They pondered quietly what to do and then moved on. Perhaps they will fix the meter. We used about 150 gallons of water at $0.20 per gallon. Not a bad price for water if you must pay for it. The water tested at just over 500ppm which is at the high limit of drinking water but that’s what you get here. For example, the water tested at just over 200ppm in Florida. This is no indication of bacterial contamination just of the quality of the desalination and filtering.

The people were very nice at Bluff House, Molly the manager and Summer the office person, Andrew the dock master and Marvin the weekend dock master.

I am posting through my phone as there is no open internet here and Bahamawimax is too weak. So more in a few days. We will listen to the weather this morning and make decisions about staying here for the night tonight and moving tomorrow or starting to move today. We have to make decisions about moving south by the conditions in the Whale Cay cut.

More later.


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