New Plymouth

Friday February 17th, 2017

Yesterday was Thursday and Thursday is a happening day here in Green Turtle Cay. The freight boat arrives, the bank is open, you can pay your electric bill and the BTC office is open. Thursday and only Thursday. We had strategically rented a golf cart for the day on this particular Thursday. First order of business is to get our phones set up to work here in the Bahamas. The office is a 4 x 8 room with a small window with one of those pass through drawers like in the ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

We have had Bahamian phones for all our years here…  each time you must reset and start over. It takes 15 minutes and they only take cash. I didn’t have enough cash. I was ahead of Karen Mango. I looked over at here as her smile grew. “You lookin’ for a Suga’ Momma”? Tabernac. Karen spotted me the thirty bucks and I slid the money through the jailhouse drawer and I was out of there. Karen got her phone fixed and we were out of there.

Next on the list was the bank. The bank here is a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce branch. A Canadian bank. You see a lot of Canadian banks in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Scotia Bank, my bank is well represented. Out front was a guy in security guard clothes with a Glock 21 jammed into his waistband, no holster. He looked like a guy the security guy should be looking out for! ML ventured into the bank and got some cash.  Two items covered off.

Two Shorty’s on Green Turtle Cay in New Plymouth

ML had a hair appointment at Chez Hubert’s hair emporium at 13:30. Off to lunch we go. We went to the famous ‘Two Shorty’s’ Take Away restaurant. You order through a 12″ x 12″ screened door, not like the sliding tray at the BTC. It only opens quickly to pass stuff out and take money in. It is hard to look in as you are busy getting or giving when the gate is open. It quickly closes. When your food is ready a voice yells your name and you better come running. By all accounts the food around our table was pretty good and all devoured.

We finished up lunch and headed to Chez Hubert. I jokingly said he would be a 75 year old man and as it turns out he was. Nothing against 75 year old men  just that he was not what you have been picturing as we have progressed with this narrative. Anyhow, with direction from ML she got the trim that she was looking for. Then she said, “he has time to cut your hair”. I was in there before I could think about it. The trauma of my Georgetown cut was an open wound. This haircut started with “what would you like me to do”? “Clean me  up” I said, “Hair just over my ears”. He snipped and snipped and I was out of there with enough hair to fill my hat.  $19 U.S.

We toured our way home with stops at Gillam Bay, the Oceanside beach and the Garbage dump. We gassed up the cart with half a gallon and headed home. It seems that the Thursday special events include Pizza night at the Restaurant and a fire at the dump. We had our pizza while the dump burned, it was enchanting.



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