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Monday November 30th, 2015

dead elvis
Dead Elvis if he was alive what he might look like…but he is dead

Today Google is reminding us that it is Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 141st birthday. There should be a disclaimer…Lucy Maud Montgomery 141th ISWAA!! (‘If She Was Actually Alive) Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to remember people on their birthday…I just think it’s a little absurd to say things like “Today is Chris Columbus’s 565th birthday…” Perhaps a simple formula like Today is Chris Columbus’s birthday, he’s dead and he’s been dead for 500 years. I know it’s not Chris Columbus’s birthday, this was just an example. Further, this does not apply to dead Elvis who has his own rules.

Elvis is dead, but you can go to his house and see the olive green shag rug on the ceiling…just saying

Chat N Chill: Yesterday after being cooped up on FRACAS for a week we decided that an outing ashore for lunch would be good. So off we went to Chat N Chill. ML ordered the house special Goombay Smash ( a bunch of rum and some freshly squeezed Goombays). I had the old standby Rum and Coke. They use Bacardi Anejo for the rum and coke so it is pretty good, not the Nassau stuff that you can drink if required or use in your radiator. The price per drink is $9 US or about $12 Canadian. Ouch. A cheeseburger is $6.50 and French Fries were $3.50. There are probably 3 ounces of rum in each drink so $4 per Canadian drink… Holy shit it’s a bargain!!! Nuff said.

Today we are going to shore and try to connect with our freezer controller and get enough groceries for today and tomorrow because tomorrow is Grocery boat day. I checked the grocery store yesterday and the few lettuce heads in the store had been trimmed down to just 4 leaves left, still for the same price…

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