29112015.257 Seven days in one place

Sunday November 29th, 2015

Yesterday we ended our marathon stay at Red Shanks. Last Friday we moved over to Red Shanks and anchored at Moss Cay due to low tide. The next day, Saturday we rode the rising tide and went into what I think is called hole 2 over there at 23 29.28N and 075 44.60W and stayed there for seven days. The wind blew for the full seven days. It blew 20 to 25 kts (nautical miles per hour) with squalls and gusts to 40. It started out SE and clocked around to the North and the Cold Front wind was on.

We had one major squall to 50 or more (our wind instrument has quit…) as reported on the morning cruisers net from Hooper’s Bay. I know, I know…Hooper’s Bay sounds like a place from Green Acres (the TV show) but that’s where a commercial boat clocked that wind speed. I know it was honkin’. It blew one of the windows out of our dodger and the boat vibrated. I mean there was a harmonic going that sounded like the proverbial train coming through the boat. I’ve been at the wheel when it has blown harder but at the wheel…not in bed trying to read, it is very annoying.

The next day in twenty kts of wind we repaired the dodger by hand. We could have used the machine but new canvas has been cut and sewing begins soon, so a patch is warranted.

The wind dropped yesterday morning and the forecast was for a great day with much lighter winds, 15 to 20 and from the NE. Conditions like that make it nice over at Sand Dollar and we like it there. Further, St. Francis Resort was putting on an afternoon Cheeseburger in Paradise soiree. I guess it wasn’t a soiree as it was in the afternoon… I guess it was an – ‘un parti de l’ après-midi avec cheeseburgers’, regardless we didn’t get to go. Those weather bastards conspired, contrary to section 14, 3, 2, ii of the Sailors and Shoe salesmen combine regulations, by failing to provide true forecasts. It blew, it rained and it combined them for the entire ‘un parti de l’ après-midi avec cheeseburgers’.


We did get over to shore at about 16:30 and made it over to the other shore. There were no cheeseburgers. There were waves and there was a new ton or two of all the worlds plastic puked up on the beach. It is amazing how much junk is out there. The cruising community just cleaned up the beaches last Saturday…it is worse now.

More later


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