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Tuesday December 01, 2015

My laptop continues to frustrate me. Last night when I got up to check the boat (pee) I noticed that my laptop was merrily turning itself off and on. I attempted to intervene to save whatever battery life might be left just as said battery gave up the ghost (no pun intended). Computers are lucky to last three years. I think they are designed to last one year and sometimes make two but in that third year the wheels start to fall off. I have almost three years into this Toshiba Qosmio. At first blush that would appear to be good service right? Not so much. We have replaced the mother board. We have replaced the hard drives and most recently the operating system. We jumped from windows 7 to 10 much like Microsoft wishes they had done.

So, I guess I will tear it apart and see if I can fix the on off switch. This involves a bunch of small screws and those ribbon connectors I love so much. I’ve watched my son do it so I must be competent right? I suspect that the glass of Merlot that was spilled into the keyboard a year or so ago might be the culprit. When you spill red wine use white wine to get it out…not so apparently with laptops. Anyway, this might be the last entry from my good old Qosmio.

Yesterday we went exploring in the dinghy down south a bit to the gap between Stocking and Elizabeth island. The tide was low and lots of critters were exposed, most notably the small gastropods that were racing (I use the term loosely) around leaving tracks and seeming to go nowhere. I watched that for about one Kalik. A nice beach exists at the point down there at least while the tide is low.

Today we plan to go to shore and try to find some of the hiking trails shown on a map I found in a bottle. So for another reason this might be the last entry to this blog. I will pack a sandwich, a flask and my flare gun just in case.

cheeseI really miss the cheese from home. I drool when I think of that cheese place in Sudbury. At that shop the cheeses all have very sophisticated names here not so much… yellow, white and orange are available.

~ML gets upset when I sound like I’m complaining about the grocery store. Not so, it is a great store and we enjoy the free water provided with our thanks. But the cheese!

Tomorrow I will report on the hiking trail and computer repair…if able

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