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Thursday January 21st, 2016

windYesterday we moved across to the Georgetown side. The weather saga continues. We will get a 36 hour plus or minus blow from the west starting Friday night. There may be some thunderstorms and squalls. The weird weather continues. I asked Pam from d’jarlo if this weather was unusual. She has been cruising here for 14 years and has not seen anything like it during her years. Extensive cloud cover and cool temperatures.

Anyhow, we moved across to find a place with enough room to swing that will not get overcrowded when the others move across for shelter from the west blow. That is why they had incidents on the night of the big blow (derecho). Too many boats in a small space on short scope with no where to go. We were off by ourselves in almost the same place we are now.

kalikWe decided to make yesterday our shore shopping day. P and I met up with DD and went to twin turtles to… let’s call it shop. J and ML did the shopping thing. On the way to the twin turtle shopping DD showed us the ice cream shop hidden at the back of a walk way at the back of the big blue building. It was a nice shop and we learned that they have the best Bahamian breakfast and serve lunch as well.

The ladies did the shops and the straw market and we continued to shop. Phil is adamant that he will catch fish here. We are on weather watch and are limited in where we can fish. Phil picked up a couple of things for fishing and we picked up a couple of live or formerly live fish already loaded on a hook and leader. Caution to keep them separate from the food. Phil also picked up some grouper at the hair monger’s. If you are wondering about the hair monger, she runs a beauty salon and fish market. Her husband is the fisherman. Her customer was in her chair with her hair all in the chemicals, foils and things… on hold while she dug out the grouper fillets from the Hair Monger freezer.

Needless to say Phil cooked up the fish and it was great. More later

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