20012016.322 – Winter in the Bahamas

Wednesday January 20th, 2016

When I woke up this morning it was almost reminiscent of deer hunting. The wind is from nearly the north and it is very cold… for the Bahamas. I know that you folks up North are saying quit whining, but we are not used to this temperature and we are no longer hale and hardy Northerners. It was down to 70°f or 22°c and I don’t have my winter coat here. Long sleeve t-shirts are dress for today…tabarnac.

The weather continues to be an aberration. A continuing stream of Lows are coming out of GOMEX through Florida and or the Southern states wreaking havoc with the Bahamian weather. The Northern Atlantic States and the maritimes are likely to get a fairly severe if not really severe snow event this weekend.

We have P and J on board and the weather is making it difficult to do the typical tourist things. If the wind drops and the sun comes out we hope to do a little snorkelling late this morning. Then we have to find an anchorage in preparation of the worse weather that is to come on Friday through Sunday morning. We will have West component wind for at least 30 hours in the 30 knot range. There is potential for squalls and thunderstorms to 50 or 60. Here we go again…paradise might be purgatory.

You lads out there know the feeling when you T shot fails to clear the ladies T box… d**k out. I had almost the same sensation last night at the Texas Holdem poker night. ML and J had learned the game at our tutorial on Fracas last night… When the first person is eliminated the remainder sing the goodbye song. Well I stood and enjoyed everyone singing to me. First out, I was getting thirsty anyway. I had King Ace with a king up in the flop. I bet a couple of times and the bastard guy next to me says “I bet whatever you have” pointing at me. I still have two cards to see. I call, I don’t get my king and the bastard guy next to me gets a ten for his 2nd pair.

The voices of the poker choir blended together in a melody that sounded like a combination chicken coop and a grey hound bus as they na na na na’d me out of the game. Needless to say, ML, P and J are still playing. Both ML and J made it to the second round, but no long into the second round they were cut out of the herd and we were on our way back to the mothership.

We are hoping to do more today other than hunker down and try to stay warm… we can hope

more to follow


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