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Tuesday January 19th, 2016

“Chauffard” I was called a chauffard French for reckless driver. We were playing euchre but a Captain of a vessel should not be called a chauffard by a member of the crew even if they are a temporary member of the crew. On top of that effrontery or cheek she as a member of the women’s team proceeded to whip our asses at cards.

We have had P and J on board for two nights now. They have acclimated well to the boat but the weather is not up to Bahamian standards. We only saw the sun for a few fleeting moments yesterday. It didn’t rain other than a few dribbles an ok day but not spectacular. We did go ashore and take them over to the ocean beaches for a nice walk.

Today we will go to Chat N Chill for the tourists obligatory conch salad and they can fondle and be fondled by the rays. Tonight they are ok to go to the Texas Holdem night at St. Francis.

more later

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