24012016.485 Phil and Jude go home

Sunday January 24th, 2016

Phil and Judith on board Elvis’s taxi with AJ at the helm on their way to the airport and home.
Phil was really getting into the Pirate thing…

Phil and Judith caught the water taxi at around 10:00 this morning for the short trip over to Elvis’s dock and the waiting taxi 23. Vencil would whisk them off to the airport for their $30 U.S. cab ride to the airport. Now they have three hours to wait.  I expect that as I write this they are having Kalik’s across from the terminal at the restaurant. Phil will be stuffing a lime into his Kalik because he never drank one that he liked, but he kept trying to find one that he would. They were fun to have on board and seemed to like experiencing living on a boat. The weather and the wind made that an option more than I would have liked. We did get one afternoon on the beach and Judith got to relax in the sun some yesterday afternoon even though the wind was blowing the hair off any dog crazy enough to be outside.

Air Canada’s direct flight home will lead to some jet and weather lag issues. We hope that the weather on your drive home is friendly without snow. When AJ came to pick them up he was wearing a winter jacket complete with a cousin Eddie hat with ear lugs. He said he only wore that hat when it might snow. It was 63ºf at the time. I am wearing long sleeves and pants. I have become a weather wuss.

Phil and Judith were very generous in their gifts for Fracas and the crew. We are very grateful and hope that you had a good time notwithstanding the wind and weather. Plus they left their fins and snorkels to boost our supplies for our next visitors and we have to remember to bring them home in the spring. Yesterday Phil got into crafts and the parachute cord was flying. He was trying to follow the instructions on the YouTube machine. After about three hours I had to use the cable cutters and a sharp knife to cut him out of the macramé jungle he had created. Holy Crap…Sister Mary Francis

I had to send my canon SLR back home with Phil in the hopes that Mike can work his magic and get it to somehow fire up again. I have had that camera for a long time and they want so much money for a comparable one today. My struggles continue with my apple devices and getting pictures off them onto my laptop. Those mental midgets at Apple have had their way too long. The devices are ours bought and paid for and the content is ours as well and Apple should be doing everything possible for us to share and enjoy our shit. Bad bad Apple.

I should be able to share all the pics with Icloud but, with the new laptop I had to get a new Icloud account. Now the ipad and iPhone are on their own and I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get them working together. Tabarnac.

more later

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