20022016.314 Haircut

Friday February 19th, 2016

Several times per year ML strongly suggests that I get a haircut. Yesterday was one of those days. DD from Bliss II raves about a local barber shop here in Georgetown. ‘Original Lines’ is a local barber shop. They are located on the circle road around Georgetown near Eddies Rake and Scrape. I should mention that Eddie’s is undergoing a refurbishment and should be opening in a month or so… Dave recently got a haircut at this establishment and he raved about it and the price $10. I should also mention that I have not seen Dave without a hat on since he received that trim though… His ears did seem to be holding up his hat.

I’m not a person who is afraid of adventure so off I went to book my hair cut appointment before I went to the library for Friday’s reading session. The proprietor, I will call him Bozo for no reason other than that is what everyone calls him, said that it was first come first served for haircuts. This meant that I would have to come back after reading to sit in line. I was determined so that’s what I did.

At 12:15 I came in and sat down to wait my turn. I was the only tourist in the shop and the shop had about 6 or 7 guys yelling and laughing about all manner of subjects. The dialect is difficult to follow but I’m getting more used to it so I managed to understand most of what was being said. The best advice was , if you’re married never buy a house that only has one exit door. I could see the merit in that. Politics is a hot topic here and they covered it well.

Suddenly it was my turn in the chair. I took my hat off and Bozo asked “what do you want me to do”? I thought it should be obvious but I said what I always say when I get my hair cut “to the top of my ears and leave it longer on top”. It has been a while since I have had a haircut at a ‘barber shop’. No disrespect to Doug but Linda and or Danielle have been cutting my hair for years at home. I just sit mouth shut and they cut.

Bozo continued to hold court in the shop and had a  heart to heart business discussion with a young man. This discussion took place with the young lad standing beside Bozo. For all I know they were conspiring about my hair or eventual lack thereof.  After the young man left Bozo declared it was mostly bullshit but gave him credit for saying his piece while Bozo was holding sharp tools. 

The local men speak loudly and sometime yell in normal conversation. So this was going on as he was using various implements, machines and a pair of shears. I call them shears because I can’t imagine calling something that big a pair of scissors. This haircut took almost 20 minutes and the pile of hair around me was higher than usual but what the hell I was enjoying the conversation.

  I couldn’t get a look at myself in any of the mirrors because Bozo kept spinning me away so that I was on display for those guys sitting in the chairs opposite. One of the guys was looking at me with a questioning look…I should have been concerned. I expected those seated to hold up scorecards like the infamous Olympic judges. Tabernac. 

I haven’t had hair this short since I was in public school. It is likely a good haircut for this area and climate but my hats all have to be readjusted. Here I am, shorn properly. 

This one is from my guess which is the Premier contest…. more later


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