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Sunday February 07, 2016

Three dinghies of Canadians took over a small sand spit at Man O War Cay on Saturday…DCIM104_VIRB

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. More on that in a bit. Dave’s family visitors arrived on Thursday on that non-stop Air Canada flight to Georgetown.

Some of you may know the tale of DD losing his dinghy in the crash with the wayward vessel Volant during the ‘derecho’ we had on January 6th. It was a trip through the paperwork jungle of customs, duties and waiting that is shipping stuff into the Bahamas. He now has his replacement dinghy and motor and it is a beauty.

He has on board his son with his son Gerry, Gerry’s wife Danielle, father-in-law Gerry, mother-in-law Aline, and two grandchildren Hunter and Piper. We offered to have some of them sleep over here on Fracas but they are family and they have found a way to fit on Bliss. They seem to be having a blast. Rita arrives on Sunday, today and then there will be 8 on board.

Hunter and Piper were busy building sand structures on our small domain DCIM104_VIRB
We had only about 400 square feet of sand above water as this was not a low low tide DCIM104_VIRB

We timed our trip to Man O War for low tide so that the kids could see the appearance of the sand spit and then get chased off as the tide starts to come up and we have to scurry. But not before snacks…Piper loves water melon and devoured what she claims to be 4 and I think was 6 slices of the melon…

It was a beautiful day and we wanted to get it out of the way as today, Sunday will be a little windy as another cold front blasts through. This CF as I call them will be a quick slide through and be gone. Wind to 30 and squalls to potentially 50 but in daylight and gone by midnight.

For your reference, here is the interactive snorkeling map for the area around us; snorkeling map

exuma-mapOur dinghy tour: From the black rock area (south of Chat n chill) we went west and around crab cay through the beautiful bridge to nowhere and ver to Man O War. From Man O War we went east over to Fowl Cay. Then northward past Guana Cay, Elizabeth Island and back to Stocking Island and the boats. We took our time and spent some extra time at one of the beaches on the south end of Stocking Island. The kids were to have a nap that consisted of spending a few quiet minutes on their towels in the shade…

Many of the bars and restaurants are holding Super Bowl events today. The breeze to 30 during the game may keep folks on their boats though. We could go over to St. Francis weather permitting, for Chilli dogs, tacos and rum drinks (on special).

I have discovered that we get six channels on the TV and we can watch the game here on FRACAS. It won’t be the same as freezing my ass off at the Super Bowl Sauna while playing golf on the ice but we will make do.

Golf on the ice is nearly as frustrating as regular golf. You can however shave a few strokes off by drinking a shot at each hole. One stroke off for each shot…imbibed. It is a balancing act however, temporarily improving your score as your game and walking continue to crumble…


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