Saturday March 5th, 2016

Harrison left the boat on Thursday to fly home with his parents on the AC direct flight to Toronto. Early reports are that the flight went well and he didn’t make a peep other than to laugh and give the occasional raspberry ( I taught him that (although he has added the spit part himself|)). Life on board for a crawling baby can be tough. There are a million things to get into, hit your head on or snag to put in your mouth. He managed to get through the 10 days here without any major issues.

I was most intrigued by the ability he has to climb the companionway stairs. Hand over hand up he went (we did back him up) to the top and then with a proud exhalation he stood at the top step like he had conquered Everest. The only issue on his climb was the trash can. The can is accessible through the space above the second step and he was transfixed with the ‘treasures’ within. But after a few days of training he would pass by the trash with only a passing and longing glimpse. Once in a while he would climb back down one step just to verify what he thought he saw in the trash but then back up he would go. I suggested that we use him to go up the mast to check on things but Mike said he was too young. I suggested that we put the gopro on him still not going to happen.

He enjoyed his outings to the beach and his knees and hands were abraded by the sand as he crawled his way from marine hazard to tasty marine morsel. He (to my surprise) only ate one mouthful of sand. We had just commented on the fact that he had as yet not attempted to eat the beach when he snagged a good sized handful and jammed it home. Apparently it surprised him and not in a good way. Other than some 40 grit in a post event diaper there was no ill effect.

Harrison still sleeps with some interruptions but we couldn’t hear much of that back in our cabin. Prior to them showing up we were concerned about the bug biting issues. Their ten days proved to be a good time with only a few bugs around to bite us all. Harrison only showed a couple of bites and didn’t seem to be bothered at all. Bugs can be an issue here at certain times and in certain places. zika_americas_02-29-2016_webNow with concerns and fears about the Zika virus. They are posting things here and are having a public meeting for the locals to deal with concerns and fears. To date the CDC map doesn’t show the Bahamas but I expect it will only be a matter of time. We hope that all the kids made it through their visit here unscathed.

We miss our little tyke and his parents…the boat is much quieter.

Some pics of his visit:



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