Sunday March 06, 2016

Today we begin preparing Fracas for our departure from Georgetown and our trek North to tour Eleuthera and the Abacos prior to Florida for the summer. This preparation means tanking up with fuel and water, oil changes, filter changes and equipment and rigging inspections. We will likely not be able to leave GT until Saturday as we are up for a blow for the next five days. Our plan is to go North to check out some of the spots in the Exumas north of us prior to cutting off to cross to Eleuthera.

We went in to CNC (chat n chill) yesterday to a seminar put on by Jeffery Siegel the developer of Active Captain. Active Captain is a great App for all devices that among many things provides recommendations for anchorages and harbours. I’m not doing justice to them with this description. It was an interesting session and Jeffery talked about the apps he uses when he cruises. It was cool. Below are some of the apps he mentioned during his discussion:

  1. windyty.com
  2. storm this is a great app that I use
  3. swellinfo.com  Jeffery uses this surfer app to help with offshore swell information. If the weather and sea state is poor for surfing it might be great for sailing or cruising
  4. hanDbase.com Jeffery uses this data base to maintain and monitor his systems and maintenance onboard. Active Captain has templates on their site for a starting point and these data bases are easy to manipulate for your uses… Works on all platforms, IOS and Android.
  5. paprika is a recipe app that will store your recipes and make grocery checklists for provisions required to make the dish…he says it works very well
  6. planets app for star and planet gazing… be sure to choose the app by Dana Peters
signal k
Signal K logo… comes from the signal flag for K or Kommunicate

He spoke at length about the new signalK that will be the next great step in marine electronics and marine networking. SignalK is the interface that will allow your NMEA information to be stored, shared and used by all other devices. Coming soon to a system near you. Check it out at SignalK and Signalkool.com

More to come.

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