Saturday January 16th, 2016

kick assHere I am with another cup of Kick Ass coffee. I guess I woke up on the right side of the waves this morning. It has calmed down considerably although I still don’t have a clue which way we are pointing. I looked out and everything looked different. That can mean one of two things; everything is different or I need to sip more coffee and wear my own glasses. We do seem to have spun around 180 from last night and contrary to the forecast are in a light breeze from the East North East. I know this is confusing, wind direction using the…lets call them words. To narrow it down it is actually East of North East but a little north of that. 050 m compassfor those of you challenged with the cardinal direction. Without my wind speed instrument I can only use the wind generator to tell wind speed. The wind is light 0 to 1 amps. For a big part of yesterday it was 5 to 10 amps gusting to 12 amps. I guess I need to get the wind instrument fixed. I can’t communicate with the beach folks I will have to create a conversion chart…now I have something to do today.

We have guests coming so the frenzy will be on. The boat needs to be tidied up and cleaned. I hope that we can find a few of the things that are missing at the moment. I cstainless tubingan’t remember what any of them are but I hope that when I see them I will be surprised enough to remember that. It’s kind of like the other day when I put out a request in the net for a piece of stainless tubing. A very generous guy from New York responded that he had a six foot piece available and he would give it to me free. In my excitement I forgot the name of the boat. I went armed with a nice bottle of wine as the minimum recognition of how he had saved my solar panel project. A piece of tubing would take weeks for paper work and then likely 20 or 30 days to get from Nassau to Georgetown. There were 20 or 30 boats to choose from when I got to Sand Dollar beach. Luckily he said he was near a big gray catamaran…the name clicked when I sawdiesel can it and the deal was closed.

Today I have a shopping outing. One of the boats that was trashed in the storm (at no fault of her own) has a lot of stuff for sale. I need to start hauling fuel aboard and ML won’t let me use the water jugs. She has some diesel cans and I have to go over and barter. I expect that this will be a cash sale as she is liquidating the remains of her boat ‘Bamboo’.

It is weather time so this may be it for now. More later

A little later… I am now on deck and I have to say ( coffee and correct glasses on) we are pointed 260 or West of West South West. Good thing I wasn’t moving at sea.

We have the weather and a Low coming out of GOMEX will make it a touch windy from the Southish during the week, we will plan events and anchorages accordingly.

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