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Sunday January 17th, 2016

Weather: Wind 13 to 15 gusting 20 from 200°m, mostly clear. We are taking a little chop as it is straight across the harbour and we are on the east side.

Donald Trump?

It is with ‘watching the train wreck’ curiosity I listen and read about the U.S. election and Donald Trump and the rest of the band of republicans. I can’t fathom how the Donald is in the lead. I can’t fathom how their economy is growing and their dollar is strong with the possible slim chance that he and that thing on his head could become President. Then look at Canada, our dollar is in the tank. We should have the cheapest electrical power in North America but people can’t afford to heat their homes. That woman in Ontario is the root of the trouble…Tabernac, Sister Mary Francis.

judyWe continue to have blustery weather. Today our air is rushing north to a nasty low that started in GOMEX and is crossing Florida causing them to spend another day in their basements (If they had basements). We understand that a tornado passed very close to Jim, Judy and Moe. Judy was out watching this event standing in her… ‘rain suit’. We wish them well. The safest place to be when there are tornadoes in Florida is in the Bahamas!

I have to continue with cleaning the boat today. ML has the front half of FRACAS glistening and in order. My area not so much yet. I only have three small spaces that are mine. I have two drawers, and my workbench area. During that nasty blow on the 6th the tool box was not properly secured and the drawers may have opened and some sharing occurred. It always takes time to sort that out and get the stuff that falls behind and keeps the other drawers from closing properly. Oh and I also have the engine room, but it’s dark in there with funny smells and noises. It’s bad enough I have to take my time outs in there.

For Pete: I will try to post a pic of the boats tipped over at Boyles. I have to do it from my phone so it may take a while…more later



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