15012015.314 El Nino etc.

Friday January 15th, 2016

The most recent picture of El Nino that I could find

Very odd weather continues, a Hurricane in January, not since 1938. The weather here has been windy and squally. This is weather that is associated normally with cold fronts but they seem to last longer and be more severe this year. El Nino time for you to go Bye Bye. It is nice to have wind power that contributes though. I hate to run the generator. I have a system that almost makes enough power when the sun shines enough and the wind blows just enough. Last night however the wind blew enough to keep the deficit down to 15 amp hours. So I suggest you stop peeing in the water, do something to stop these warm currents from disrupting the Bahamas.

tweety loonie
The Tweety formerly known as the Loonie

Our issue is the big freezer and my OCD related to having at least two bags of ice on board at all times, even when we don’t have enough booze on board to float the ice. The ice thing is pursuant to; the seafarer’s international union and salty dog’s combine Sect 14, subsection 12, 3.1.4 you shall maintain sufficient ice… Ice is $5 a bag US so like $47.59 Canadian. I think it is time Trudeau does like the Bahamians do and just say our dollar is the same as US.  I don’t think we can wait for the US to elect Trump and have their dollar fall to our level and beyond. That woman in Ontario continues to do everything she can to continue the slide of Ontario and Canada’s worth in the world. Ontario has the largest debt of a state or province in the world.

We missed our second opportunity to play Texas Hold em poker at St. Francis. The weather was just too windy for us to make the 1 mile trip back to Fracas in the dark. The last time we tried that we were awoken rudely I might add by the owner of the boat we were asleep on. He pointed to where Fracas was parked and we continued our journey. I should have known something was up but I ate the chocolate on the pillow anyway.

We have P and J coming for a week and it’s nice enough here and we will find enough to do to keep their week interesting. The bad thing about Georgetown is that it is weather dependent if you can leave or return. We could go north in the Exumas or over to Cat or Long Island but not be able to safely come back if the weather gets shitty. Then they miss their flights etc… We will make do.

I am working on my poker face. My first foray into Texas Holdem didn’t go all that well. There was a really nice lady sitting opposite me. That one time I had the cards and wanted to bet up she lead the charge to not bet to keep the pot low. I won but not much. Perhaps it was my tell. I was vibrating, smiling, trying to high five and peeing my pants. Then the time I was bluffing she lead the way betting me up until I had to sign over the boat…Tabernac





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