14012016.411 – Balloons

Thursday January 14th, 2016

Today is our grandson Harrison’s 7 month birthday. Recent video shows that he is floor level mobile now able to scoot around the room like a Roomba, with much the same effect. We are counting the days until he brings his parents down to visit.

Nothing gets my panties in a bunch more than humans throwing away plastic things that get tangled up in the sea life and kills or maims them. The easiest one of these hazards to control is helium balloons. The balloons themselves are mistaken for food and the ribbons can get tangled in the appendages of other sea life. When we walk the beaches we see more balloon remains than you would believe. Some things that wash up are understandable; shoes, buckets, water bottles etc. The ocean is still the dumping ground of choice for much of the earth. We can reduce the balloon count by simply killing them on the ground rather than the popular “fly be free” bad method. Perhaps a better use of the helium (health issues may occur) would be to use it all to sound like Donald Duck.

Remember these balloons cover a lot of ground when they are released, they can kill a sea turtle or snare a sea bird and at the very least wash up on some unintended beach thousands of miles away.

It was and continues to be a cloudy, wet and dreary day here in the warm. I have been tidying up the boat and finding hidey holes to stuff the stuff that we usually have in the V berth. P and J are here next week and the preparations are in full swing. I am jamming stuff in the engine room…not sure what might happen if we actually started that thing up…I will have to tow us around with the dinghy or sail in the harbour. Anyhow, ML made bread today. She didn’t make the chewy bread I like but she did make the regular white bread that is very good also. I especially like cutting the warm bread, a little butter and peanut butter and then jamming the whole slice in your mouth. Seriously I don’t jam it…unless there’s jaminum. We took one loaf over to DD and he was delighted to have some fresh homemade bread that didn’t cost $8 U.S.

The weather tonight precludes our appearance at the texas holdem poker event. We are a little far away from the resort to travel in the dark and wind that far. We will probably get closer and take P and J next week.  No pics today as I struggle with internet from those Bastards at Bahamawimax.


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