Day twenty three: 15:30 – Peter Island – Great Harbour

We had another great sail in from Anegada. It was over three hours at 7 knots plus on a reach. I showed Rick how to use a Barber hauler and we got the genoa trimmed nicely and some idea of where the block should be for a broad reach. It balanced the boat very nicely.

We are at Peter Island and it is home to a very hoity toity and nice resort complex…wait for it… ‘Peter Island‘. The women have been dropped off ashore in order to explore and check out the spa and stuff. They said they would be gone for a couple of hours. I decided to just stay on the boat and enjoy the peace. Captain Rick quickly joined my team and we had a nice cocktail and he has gone for his old guy nap. I have to listen for the phone because Louise has the doll she made of me and many rusty pins…

So, its just me and Spot. Spot is the new member of the crew who looks something like a rubber gecko. You know the insurance gecko sort of thing but ours can’t talk…at least not as much as Woody my parrot.

What do I do? I did have a chance to download episode three of the new pirate series called Black Sails. Yup that’s for me.

We only have two more sleeps left and I understand that it is still winter back on the rock….JEEZUZ



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