XXIII part two…Chicago

With the help of Homer Simpson and the Ipad navigation we managed to get the rental downtown Chicago and parked at Navy Pier. We quickly located the double decker tour bus and started our tour. Our first stop was Michigan Avenue and the shopping area. The ladies shopped while I searched for and shopped at the Garmin boutique. I say boutique because the person who helped me was wearing a floor length black dress. I didn’t get a picture of her because even for an islander that seemed a little gauche. She was quite helpful and she called upstairs and they made the chart chip I needed and the elevator opened and a regular geek in regular attire appeared with the goods. He did not step out of the elevator he only passed the chip to the…’hostess’. It was an interesting shopping experience. They gave me the chip in a very nice little shopping bag thing, tres chic.

I met up with the ladies outside and we shopped around a bit and rejoined the tour. We had lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant ( I know you are thinking MEXICAN in Chicago?). The service was good and the food was pretty good as well.

We then went on to the Willis tower and did the skydeck tour. Very high…the highest I’ve ever been without an airplane. We did dinner downtown and drove home exhausted. Tomorrow we have to deal with the mast and the river to the marina.

Anyhow, here are the pictures of our day. Lots of architecture and stuff.

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