XXIV – Skyway Marine

Tuesday September 09, 2014

This is the day we have to go up the Calumet to Skyway Marine and have our masts removed. Not sure what to expect for costs related to this. We have two masts and three booms to prepare and wrap for shipping.

The trip up the river is pretty uneventful until we get to the Conrail lift bridge which is unable to lift due to a bunch of trains. We sit patiently for over an hour while a flock of trains go by…one train even twice.

Steve and the boys from Skyway know what to do and after we have a meeting and Steve gets tired trying to throw a line over the spreaders I point out that he doesn’t have to do that…

Masts come down and I strip off the expensive bits and we are out of there in less than an hour and almost one boat buck. Jennifer has a nice sleep on the way back and manages to wake up in time for the fueling and pump out at Hammond Marina. Fuel is $4.19 per U.S. Gallon which is about $1.11 per liter for those of you back in Canada. Now you still have to do some guzzintas to get to Canadian dollars…


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