XVI St. Joseph Michigan September 01

It rained today. It rained like it rains in Florida, solid, persistent and wet. We were in the downtown area shopping when it started. St. Joseph has some very trendy shops. It is not T-shirt and fudge but antiques, collectibles, art and stuff. There is a lot of sculpture in this town. There is a lighthouse theme on the streets where every 100 feet or so is a 4  to 5 foot lighthouse, something like the Toronto moose*. I don’t like animals that are the same singular or plural. I think at the very least you should put a * when it is or could be multiple moose. Sheep are like that to

There was a 5 and dime store that is right out of the ’50s. Very cool, they have everything in there. We went in to look as a novelty and came out with several things we didn’t even know we needed…

Lunch ashore as the deluge began. It rained hard through our lunch and a further 10 or 15 minutes as we waited at the door for a break in the action. The orchestra played above the park in the afternoon and again in the evening. The evening show was all marches and ended with Sousa’s most famous march. I wore the little bumps off my croc sandals marching up and down the dock sloshing rum everywhere…Woody hid his head under his wing.

When we arrived here on Sunday there were thousands of people on the beach. The park is very large, well designed and likely very profitable. There is a train station at the entrance so you can go wherever amtrak will take you. There is a carousel that caught Mary Lynn’s  eye, horses…

We have walked a lot since we started this trip. This is partly due to having no car but it has lead to some interesting ventures. I need to be sure that we are going short distances when I wear my croc sandals. They overheat and are not for long distance. They do not look like those rubber barges that you think of when you hear croc…they are very comfortable and so far durable footwear.

Tuesday we are off to Wolf’s Marine reputed to be the biggest marine store in the midwest. I will report.

Some pics from the day

*multiple moose

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