XV – Sunday August 31, 2014 – Grand Haven to Benton Harbor (St. Joseph)

st joseph lighthouseI have some back fill blogging to do but if I fret about the past I won’t enjoy the present. At the present it is raining. It could be worse but so far it isn’t. The system we were expecting today is falling apart on its way to us and I hope the trend continues for the second wave due later this afternoon.

Unbeknown to me these side by side communities have the largest marine store in the midwest. I’m not sure what that means but I will find out. There is a growing list of things we need, want or I need. We will report on that when the rain ends.

When we started to enter the harbor we called on the radio and cell phone and nobody would answer anything. Active Captain mentions a free dock wall adjacent to their waterfront park and a power box is available. We tied up and will likely be here until Wednesday. Quite a nice spot actually although if the big lake gets rolling it might swell in here.

Last night on our arrival we were entertained by a live orchestra. They have a band shell up on the hill cum bleachers and popcorn. They played well and ended the show with a thunderous and explosive piece that was actually quite good. Everyone was playing together and heading for the barn I guess. Not sure what today will bring for labour labor day festivities.

There is some great art and I will add a gallery to this post later


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