XC – New Orleans

Thursday November 13th, 2014
Today we are on our own as Mango and Crows go back to the boats in Mobile. They had 3 plus days here and you can only have so much fun.
We had a nice breakfast at Huck Finns cafe good food.
Our plan for the day was to take one of the bus tours available. We had a fun time on the hop on and off bus in Chicago, but here in New Orleans it was much colder. I can’t believe I could say that. We did the on and off bus. As I mentioned yesterday we had to catch a funeral or a cemetery. Unfortunately no ones’ funeral meshed with our tour. We visited the the St Louis cemetery No 1. This is an above ground cemetery and was eerie and interesting. Lots of interesting architecture. Pictures will come when we get back to Fracas. A one-toothed gentleman availed himself to us as a tour guide but we passed on that opportunity.
We played a version of where’s Waldo as we searched for the vault of Marie Laveau a famous Voodoo priestess. We also visited the refurbished pyramid vault owned by Nicholas Cage. Apparently he is not dead but I couldn’t open the vault to check. I might have got it opened but Mary Lynn and the weakness of my Swiss army multitool intervened.
It is an interesting process of interment, the coffin remains in the vault for about a year. The decomposed remains are then push broomed to the back of the vault where there is a chamber for that purpose.
Where was I?
We continued on the tour saw some great houses in the garden district and circled back to the hotel. For the last two stops Mary Lynn insisted that we go up on the top of the double decker bus to freeze our asses off. I was so cold I could feel the push broom on my remains.
We stopped at Cafe du monde for cafe au lait and an order of beignets. It is one of those must stop places but I continued to freeze my ass.
For dinner we decided to dine near the hotel and menu shopped before we went back to the hotel for thawing. We chose the Crescent City Brewhouse, partly for the menu and also because there was a note in the window for live music starting at six. Entertainment was a sax and bass player who played very well. Dinner was a little pricey for sailors but it was very good.
We did a short walk about until that damn polar vortex from Canada intervened.

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