LXXXIX New Orleans

Thursday November 13th, 2014

On the way to New Orleans we shopped a bit. I needed to find rigid insulation to add to the refrigerator on Fracas. I was surprised that nothing over 3/4 was available at HD or L.
I did manage to find 2′ x 2′ panels that I will use. I also found the best stocked West marine in Biloxi Mississippi. Had more stuff than Wally’s.

I don’t like to drive in cities. The French quarter is like Quebec City only narrower and all one way. Homer Simpson was actually swearing instructions. I don’t think we will ever see the Suburban again. We were checking in and the desk person asked if we had a car? I said the valet took it out front. She said “we don’t have valet parking”. Probably some paper work at Enterprise…

We had time to scout around in the afternoon before dinner. Lots of homeless folks and scoundrels. Mary Lynn got into a battle with a jerk over some beads he insisted we needed. Mary Lynn eventually caught up with me.

We stopped for a drink at some Bourbon street place with a one man band playing guitar, accordion and squeeze box ( not all at the same time ). It was fun. Nary Lynn spotted a ‘guy’ going by with long blonde hair, a tutu and mesh stockings and inappropriate shoes. I did not get to see this person until later. OMG drink prices varied from 8 to 12 bucks.

We came back to the hotel and met up with ‘Mango and ‘Crows and went out for dinner and walk about. Dinner was good…our server was enthusiastic, effusive and ebullient. She also clapped her hands like a demented seal while yelling Yay in a nasal twang. Sister Mary Francis.

We visited several establishments and the big finish was interesting. The music dragged us off the street. On stage was a large ‘woman’ in a black lacy tutu thing and ‘she’ had big hair. She could lip sync with the best. I haven’t seen lip syncing like this since Hill Billy Vanilli.

I started looking around more carefully and caught Mary Lynn’s gaze and nodding head. Sweet JEEZUZ…gay bar and drag queens. Then the Emcee came on stage, a foul/potty mouthed bitch. My suspicions were confirmed when he asked all straight people to hold up their hands… We moved on.

We did enjoy a couple of bands at Vaso on Frenchman street. Great music and hurricanes.

Today we hope to catch a funeral and some cemeteries.
More later

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