What the hell is in there?

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Every year or so, if you live on a boat it is important and/or fun to look in every storage area and cubby you share the boat with. You find things you haven’t seen for some time. You find things you didn’t know you still had; you get the drift.

For example, I found the pellets we sprinkle around when we leave the boat to kill cockroaches. It seems to work; we have never seen one on board. The poison is in pellet form and tastes like M & M’s. I tried a couple. For about an hour I was faster than the flash. But Mary Lynn has trouble getting me out from under the fridge. My concern, If I put the poison in a Ziploc bag will the cockroaches get into it?

There are things you need to have on a boat. There are also things you should have in case you need them. There are things on a boat that are just things on your boat. The problem arises when the thing becomes recognizable as a thing that should go… I have space for that why throw it out? J Mango calls and asks if I want his Garmin remote for the autopilot. (this device has never worked more than a day in its entire life). Sure, I say, bring it over we’ll try again, and of course it doesn’t work.

I’m not satisfied, I get out the small Philips screwdriver that has led to the demise of so many electronic devices… Only six screws, the thing falls apart by habit. The circuit board has obviously been subjected to fluid intrusion and has fried to a crisp. “Let’s put it back together and see if it works” I say. Of course, it still doesn’t work. “It’s dead Jim”.

That was two days ago, it is laying on the nav table and will likely end up in my electronics drawer. In this drawer it will lay until the next storage review and purge, Tabernac…

Update: We remain here at Pelican Bay at Cayo Costa Florida State park. We would like to go south a bit and go to Fort Myers beach mooring field to play, plan and prepare for our jump to Key West. The mooring field is full and remains so each time K Mango calls. We may move south and drop the hook near St. James city to ride out the forecast multiple days of North wind. More later

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