Fracas is in the water?

Yesterday was the big day. As you may know we keep Fracas at the J and R Boat Services storage yard. This yard is a bit unique as it is almost 2 miles from the water. They have a sort of partner yard, Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage that handles the lifting and launching. You get transferred to a trailer for the highway ride to the other yard.

We managed all the lifting, traveling and launching. No major leaks or issues. We decided to stay at the dock for the night to get settled and used to boat living. Now this morning the boat is relatively clean, the dinghy is commissioned and we are full of water (drinking water).

We are in fresh water. As you can see, the canals are fresh water that is controlled by the South Gulf Cove Lock. The lock is a single boat lock that is operated by the boater. There is some shallow water after the lock on the path to the ocean and Charlotte Harbor.

Tonight we will anchor in the Lake or wider part of the canals to the East, leaving a short hop early tomorrow to be in the lock by 06:30 if possible. High tide is at 06:08.

Our destination on exit is to go south-west in Charlotte Harbor over to the Florida State park at Pelican Bay (Cayo Costa Park).

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