Wednesday continued

We went ashore and one round, Heineken and Goslings and coke was $11. With the tip it was still $11. We are cheap old sailors.

Rick did a load of laundry and I had one t shirt that had soup on it. I threw it in with his laundry. Rick is old school about laundry, the washing machine should be able to clean whatever you throw in no matter how dirty or what the dirt might be on neighboring clothes. Even I know different. That method leads to gray. So my white t shirt with the soup stains came out of the laundry still proudly bearing the soup stains and it is now not white but gray. So we now have crew shirts.

Rick is creating dinner; Cornish hens and baked taters and carrots avec onion. He was using curry powder like it was the cure to everything. Louise is cringing I know but too many spices works for me.

We have had a smorgasbord of weather today: Rain, 40knts of wind, sun, heat, cloud, no wind and now wind is back.

The beach bar was overrun by cruise ship patrons. They were given the obligatory Rum Punch and they sat around munching on nice looking food. We tried the food line but without one of the wrist bands or ear tags  you don’t get fed.

We supplemented our $11 rounds with $4 rounds from the grocery store. We paid for our second night on the ball and Rick made me clarify that we get two large bags of free ice and two times all the water we can hold. We are going to fill the dinghy.

Wait til all you north channel folks get here and you have to deal with buying water. Imagine Tex at Wally’s selling water for $0.20 per gallon to boaters. I can see him smiling at that concept.

The oven was smoking a tad, turns out Dinner was two cornish hens, roast vegetables and one oven mit. JEEZUZ


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