Anegada!! my favourite

500px-GB_Virgin_IslandsToday we sail to Anegada. The most northerly of the Virgin Islands. It is part of a huge reef system that arcs from Anegada all the way south east to Virgin Gorda.

The southernmost tip of the reef is Necker Island the summer place of Sir Richard.

Last night we started a cribbage tournament. I started to play Kings Cribbage aboard Jazzebelle and have moved on to board cribbage with Captain Rick.

We were playing cribbage in the blustery wind conditions and the cards are blowing all over the boat. We started using the clothes pins and small clamps to hold things down. One pin for the crib, a clamp for the deck….you get the idea. It became physical conditioning and cribbage to get the sequence of clamping and playing.

In the end I won two games to Ricks one. But it is a cumulative tournament…I wanted it to be based on days wins but not so. I am sure I won fairly even though Rick was counting backwards for several plays. Lots of laughing.

It rained and blew all night. Can’t wait to see how much water is in the dinghy. We will come off the ball once the boat is ready and get some water and ice and a little fuel. Shopping is done because groceries are in short supply and very expensive at Anegada.

Tomorrow we will take a cab out to Loblolly Beach, my favourite beach so far.


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