“We will be assimilated, resistance is futile”!

Tuesday April’s 3rd, twenty eighteen

The Island and marina
Borg colony

I woke up in a cold sweat during the night. I go to bed around 20:00 hrs so it could have been before midnight. I started wondering about the folks here in the community and the staff. The resemblance between this island community and the Borg colony is obvious. The marina is visible in the lower left of the picture, clearly being assimilated.

We arrived at the dock and were ably assisted by the owners son, 5 of 6 it would seem. Some of the colonists do appear to have cybernetic components, compressed gases and golf carts. 6 of 6 is the guy who drives up with his trailer and details cars in the parking lot. 1 of 6 is the owner of the marina, 2 of 6 is his wife who runs the ladies clothing store. OMG!

Today I hoped to get a haircut at the ‘hive’s’ hair cutting place. This could be where assimilation will begin. She could cleverly inject me with nano-probes and Bob’s your uncle I’ll be driving a golf cart by noon… more later

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