Stripping Fracas

Friday April’s 6th, twenty eighteen

I am going to take some time to take some pictures this afternoon. I need a break and text on the page isn’t cutting it for me. ML and I had a new first the other day, we went for hair cuts together, so cute. My hat fits again and ML seems happy with her hair as well. The little strip mall has a hair place, beauty saloon. I got a much more conventional hair cut compared to my Bozo cut in Georgetown.

It has been pretty hot here. We try to work through the morning and when the heat of the day arrives we slow down. A cold front went through yesterday but it turned into a nothing burger, a little North wind and the temp went down a couple of degrees but regained them by the end of the day.

We continue to get Fracas ready to be lifted at Indiantown Marina. The sails are off the boat and bagged, and today I will get the engine, batteries and fuel system ready for the summer. We are taking the genoa to Mack sails in Stuart to have the sun protector section re-stitched with Tenara® thread. The sails were made in 2011 and this is the first sign of any deterioration. The remainder of the sail and stitching are solid.  Preparing Fracas for high winds in the yard means taking everything off that we can. We need to reduce the windage as much as possible.

We are here at Nettles Island until Monday and we head up the river to Indiantown on Thursday. Fracas is scheduled to be lifted on Friday the 13th, Tabernac



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