Tuesday December 3 – 4 sleeps left

I awoke a little later this morning. The cribbage tournament has taken a bit of a turn for the worse for RICK. I am now three games up, a massive lead. Rick had last count and on two occasions lost a game stuck in the final hole while I sailed by…He uses very effusive sailing talk when that occurs. I look forward to it happening one more time.

I wish I knew what the prize for the tournament was? He says it depends who wins.

The plan for the day is simple; We replace the halyard for the staysail and change the furling line to the genoa. Shouldn’t take long at all providing the ships ghosts don’t intervene and cause mayhem.

And then, we are going to re-locate to Jost Van Dyke and visit an anchorage neither of us has been to yet. Foxy’s taboo at Diamond Cay. There is not much wind today. I managed to sleep some the little fan I have in lieu of AC kept the temp down to 100.


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