Foxy’s Taboo

We have reached again…this time at Foxy’s taboo. We have a mooring adjacent to the far shore and it aesthetically is amazing just hope there are no bugs.  Although after almost five weeks I have acclimatized and the bites don’t swell up like they used to.

foxys taboo water
Looking south at the mooring field at Diamond Cay

Rick caught two fish…one small and he was turfed one bigger and he is several meals. We think he is a small tuna. But he might be a king fish. I wish they had friggin labels.  Rick is very excited because he thinks this is the first edible fish he ever caught (from the grand cru). Although apparently they ate one fish caught on the inside or off the reef not recommended you get mad fish disease or something.

We will go on a recon mission to Foxy’s Taboo this afternoon. Dinner however will be fish aboard as it is never better than when it is fresh.  Even though we have no clue what species, we have pictures. I will send a picture to of the fish to my biologist geography processor at UBC he knows everything so we should get an answer back in 4 to 6 weeks.




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