Trailer Park Dogs

We have a transient spot in a fairly large RV/Trailer Park. Yesterday, our neighbor regaled me with his attack on a snake that was somewhere in between a utility pole and a very large snake. He dispatched it with a 2 x 4 (the size of a small utility pole). He put the spoils of his attack in the canal behind the trailers, and it was almost immediately the lunch of a medium-sized gator. His description led me to believe it might have been a Burmese python. Our canal is connected to the Gulf, so I’m not sure they inhabit salty water…

You might think that when choosing a pet, you would consider other species hunting in the same space. But no, they have dogs that look like dust bunnies on a string. Small cat-like dogs. This is when I have to add, “I like dogs; some of my best friends are dogs.”

Our neighbor next door dispatched the snake to protect his dog and the hundreds like it here in the park. I think 75–80% of the residents here have at least one dog, most of whom are dust bunnies. There are a few larger dogs we see occasionally. There are almost as many dogs as there are golf carts.