Thursday November 21st

Work report- Wednesday:

My tasks were to unravel the dinghy. Rick is like a demented serpent master with any rope. The dinghy was tarped and wrapped with several ropes. It took me nearly an hour to unravel his masterpiece. The dinghy was then washed and is beautiful.

I then moved on to the sacrificial anodes and the bonding of the metal stuff around the rudder. Copper tubing is flattened and drilled to make a bonding wire and is bolted to the various metallic components of the rudder and the cutlass bearing. I added two new zincs at two of the connection points just to be sure that the system will work.

I bought a new fan, this fan moves with me around the interior of the boat and yes I sleep with it. The green one has moved aft with the Captain.

The internet here is great when it works but it drops for hours. i think it is an island wide thing when it goes down.

Today we have gray skies and rain. Persistent rain.

And more rain, we went to Bucks to find some food for dinner. When we came out it was really raining…florida type rain. Guess who left his hatch open (RICK). He wet his bed.

Today is inside work day. I have re-installed the small inverter.

No sign of Christmas lady. We checked the one cemetery but no obvious Christmas lady like graves so far as we could tell.

I’m going to the local computer store to have posters made if I can find her picture.

more later

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