Morgan Freeman – ‘Afrodesia’

Ok, ok, we are two boats over from Morgan Freeman’s boat ‘Afrodesia’ she is a great looking Shannon ketch. We are on watch for him to come and get his boat ready…not really he pays to have that done. The word in the yard is that he is shooting a dolphin movie called Dolphin tale 2 and a movie with Scarlett 20060929_109_350x263Johanssen called Lucy. At Bucks grocery store they are sure he is coming but Scarlett!!! Would you leave Scarlett to come sailing?

Couple all this with the Christmas Lady (holiday lady) being missing. I feel bad that I don’t know her real name…so, I can slink up to the group at the grocery store tables and ask about the…no that wont work. OMG what have I done, the fame probably got to her and she moved to the big island and the Riteway at Roadtown.

She and the screamer (a cart helper at Riteway) a gentleman who has double turrets syndrome are probably raising a family.

More later


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