Thursday April 03 – Mark and Fran – Peter Island last night out

Hello from rainy Peter Island…we have been hunkered down most of the day in rain and more rain…Grand Cru got a great fresh water bath last night as it poured for a couple of hours…today we managed a snorkel after breakfast but by the time we got back to the boat it had started raining again…we moved from the far west shore of Great Harbour near Ocean 7 to the eastern side by the cut where we hoped to get better wind for the generator…wind we got and lots more rain heavy enough that Tortola was not visible for a couple of hours…we spent  most of the afternoon playing crib and I started packing as we leave on Saturday…how time flies when we’re having fun…we were able to escape to the beach at Dead man’s Bay for about 2 hours with sun and I even found 2 conch shells…boy do they stink…I will boil them in the morning before I pack them!!!

Our vacation is soon coming to an end…we sail back to Penn’s Landing tomorrow morning where we will top up water tanks and fresh water for Ricky Boy who will be returning from Mexico later in the afternoon…

One thing we are looking forward to is a nice shower as we have been camping and showering on the back of the boat for the last week…we have devised a system where I can shower with a bunch of boats around us and still have some privacy…besides…my motto is…if you don’t like it…don’t look!!!

ttfn and good night…have all fans on its hot hot hot

P.S. the mooring fee collector was in a dinghy T/T Grand Cru

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