Wednesday April 2, Mark and Fran – Peter Island

Hello again from Peter Island
We have spent the last 3 days at Norman Island just working on the ship and chillin’…out of Wi Fi range. We went to the Bight but not able to connect. The bar will reopen today after the re building following the fire last October 1st. We made a mistake heading to Norman on a Sunday as Willy T’s is hopping on that day as most charter company’s start with Norman as the first destination. We had lots of dingy traffic and one in particular thought Grand Cru was their home and kept coming back to us. They even rammed our stern in a drunken effort to get back to their own ship. We moved away from Willy’s the next morning only to have a big party cat show up music blaring right beside us the rest of the day. Music was OK except for the dance music. I even had ear plugs in for a while!!!!!
We work early in the morning before it gets too hot then spend the rest of the day playing!!! Snorkeling and swimming, trying to stay cool but failing most of the time we find it much hotter at this time of the year compared to February when we are usually here. We had a great cribbage tournament going and I am happy to report that the woman is leading the man by 4 games to 1…
Spent a lot of time in the hammock watching the world go by with a few gin and tonic…life is good!!!
We are currently sitting at the Ocean’s 7 Beach Club having a veggie roti and a Carib. We plan on staying here at Peter Island for a couple days.

OMG just finished lunch, the best roti we’ve had, yes Rick better than the ones we get at Trellis…the curry is hot and no bones or knuckles. 

We saw a Morgan 46 built in 1980 in Florida. Nice lines, Mark went to see the captain and by the by he used to be in the same yard as GC in Gorda now uses a yard in Puerto Rico because it is more affordable.

We have only been able to obtain ice from a boat called Deliverance. It comes around daily selling ice, baked goods, fresh fruit and a few other things. It also will pick up trash for a nominal fee.  We have yet to figure out the system as we paid less for 2 bags of ice and trash than just 2 bags of ice???

A few interesting mooring techniques that we have observed…first one was a 50’+boat flying a French flag approached the mooring ball and as he got close used his bow thrusters to spin the boat around and grabbed the ball from the stern then walked the line forward to the bow

Second was what appeared to be a racing boat that came into the mooring field at dusk and was met at the ball by 2 guys in a dingy who handed the tether to the person on the bow!!!  Had I known this I would not have had to become a mooring hooker…my success rate is good even with 18knot winds!!!

Tomorrow is a beach day. My favorite beach here is Dead man’s Bay at Peter Island Resort. We trek through some local’s yard and the exclusive Amway resort to a beautiful quiet area with beach chairs and covered cabanas for shade.  

Back to the ship now for a dip as the curry is making me very hot

Ttfn and we will connect again when we can

Grand Cru out!!!

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