The turkey came early to dinner?

December’s 26th, twenty seventeen

Boxing Day? I think I’ve talked about this before. On clear reading it would appear that you snap on a pair of boxing gloves and go Postal and punching bag on someone sleeping nearby. I don’t recommend that. They wake up pretty mad. Where and Why Boxing Day?

Trivia: Mae Questel also known as Aunt Bethany from ‘Christmas Vacation’, was the voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl

Boxing Day has something to do with ‘Good King Wenceslas’  who was stoned sensesless perhaps terminally stoned? I doubt they had a concussion protocol for him… The consensus on the Googlizer; in Britain on the first work day following Christmas the tradesmen were paid their graft, gratuity or gift in a box. A box left over from the Christmas gifts from Christmas. As with most things over time it was moved to the day after Christmas to make the holiday better for the working stiffs, and the boxing day sales. Enjoy your boxing day everyone.

Yesterday we started a new tradition. The turkey, after careful calculations by ML, cooked itself ahead of schedule. It was a fresh bird. Not a cheeky bastard but a previously never frozen (at least post mortem) bird. Perhaps that’s why it cooked ahead of schedule. So guests not yet in house were called to appear early and the mid afternoon Christmas dinner followed. It was a pleasant change and it fit better into our day. ML made a couple of pies for dessert. I had a piece of (the Bailey boys Ma’s recipe) blue berry pie.

The transition was complete. A stuffed bird was exchanged for stuffed diners. Tryptophan be damned. People get sleepy after turkey dinner due to the pressure from the hyper extended abdomens. The tightened skin pulling on the eyelids to close, it’s science based.  more later


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