I need a coffee!

Thursday December’s 28th, twenty seventeen

There are mornings when yours eyes pop open (for the final time of the night) and coffee is the first and only thing on your mind. This morning is one of those days. Since the electric tea kettle incident I have to be diligent and careful while boiling the water. I immediately grind the beans (I put my face in to breathe in the fumes). The sound of beans grinding gives me a Pavlovian burst to survive the next 7 minutes until the coffee is completed.

My hair this morning is a particularly unruly looking rat’s nest of stalagmites. I looked in the mirror and immediately the scene from Alien pops into my head. This brush is incapable of slaying this particular beast on my head. There is a synergy of unshaven evil, homely and axe-murderer going on to create the creature looking back at me in the mirror. The mirror did not crack. ML will wake up and look my way and mouth “Oh My God” but not miss a step to the coffee as well. When H and Ozy get up they are complete with their unconditional acceptance of Pop-pop. Only occasionally has H mentioned a “hat”.

I worry that today’s coffee is a lightweight. The only thing to do is to add a cup (11 grams) to the recipe. It’s in the press now. I’m drinking a ‘Full Steam Coffee’ medium roast. The first sip… Primum capulus diei,… that’s better, what was I saying?

It is cold outside. This is day two of the latest cold snap. It will warm up some here after we head back to Florida on Monday. The map shows the cold air mass extends to central Florida, almost to Fracas.  When we get back to the boat the highs will be in the low 60s and that continues for almost a week through two cold fronts. This might be one of those years when the cold fronts pop up like Pez.

I have to get outside today. Everyone is talking about wearing layers. I agree as long as the final layer is a house. Trapped in the house. H is reluctant to go outside as well. We run the Thomas railway. Rather, he runs the railway and I am on track repair, yard engine operator and I run the concession stand. You never know when H needs a cookie or a drink. I try not to mix up our drinks, you can never be certain when the Fat Controller will want you to pee in the cup.

My news has suddenly left the TV in favour of Sesame street. I had forgotten that the DVR is recording episodes. H seems to like watching the ever popular show. I notice that Elmo is out of prison. I assume that Mr. Hooper is dead. I’ve been watching for days hoping to see the infamous Katie Perry episode. Yesterdays’ word of the day was ‘conflict’. This mornings’ word is ‘magnify’. They seem to have a fairy on the show now. Before the comments start flying, the fairy is Abbie Cadabby a three year old fairy in training. I am glad that the Cookie monster and Oscar remain.

I’m glad I got that off my chest… more later



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