The Outboard Motor Whisperer!??

Sunday January’s 28th, twenty eighteen

Last night the crew of Soul Serenade were over for dinner and we  got out the dominoes.  Jimmy stated he would play but he’d rather be cleaning or polishing something on the boat. His concern was well founded. He learned to play but did not excel and he played slowly (thoughtfully) like a snail on a salted snowy road. Sue on the other hand kicked our butts so after two games I no longer had any interest and the dominoes were curtailed.

Earlier we went walk about to the East yesterday to find something fun to do. Jimmie was reluctant to walk and was pushing for biking but we decided to walk. It’s just a short walk to the beach I had found earlier in the morning… on a bike. I couldn’t believe I was telling someone else about of all things a ‘short walk’. John will be giggling about that.

At some point in the past the Bahamian  Government must have had  a push on Beach Access for their citizens. As the ocean front was being sold off access for local and transient tourists had to be protected. Nice signs were erected at that time and some have fallen in disrepair. That lead to a protracted search on bike for the elusive beach yesterday.  While searching I came across one of the Captains from the marina walking his dogs. I don’t understand small dogs and further why you have to have two or more? I’m not talking about their language (persistent yapping). To me they just look like dust bunnies on strings.  This poor dog challenged fellow had been looking for the beach for some time and had given up when I found the fallen sign in the bushes.

It was  a small and ok beach. Best of all it was on the downwind side of the cay and much warmer. We had a nice walk and I was ready to walk back, remember reluctant Jimmie, “lets go this way” he says. This way equals longer walk. This short walk was turning into a mango walk and I didn’t bring a reward beer and there were no bars on this route (root rout?)

Red circle bad… big waves short frequency. Green circle better, longer frequency or time between waves.

The wind continues and all of you are thinking, its a sailboat, why doesn’t he like wind? I do like wind but too much is uncomfortable if not dangerous. The second variable in the equation is the sea state, waves. We have to worry about the amplitude and the frequency. The effect of a high wave can be made comfortable if their frequency is longer. 6 foot wave at 7 seconds is a very sharp steep square wave. That same wave at a 10 second frequency is much more comfortable a rolling/lifting/falling kind of effect. So, the wind could be friendly to where you want to go and the residual sea state or swells might be unfriendly. We are in such an unfriendly state. That will change.

Today’s major plan is to get the dinghies in the water. Jimmie has to fix his motor and he has offered to lay his hands on my motor and smooth it out a low speed. He is an outboard motor whisperer! Jimmie gets this weird look “yep,  I’m the outboard motor whisperer” he whispers. Now, my 15HP Yamaha 2 cycle purchased at Harbor Vue Marina in Little Current is the best machine I have ever purchased ever. Since  2010 that motor has worked in horrible environments and has had no breakdowns. I have serviced the water pump and spark plugs and that is all. The idle thing is likely a maintenance thing. I have a water separating filter on the transom that has helped along the way. Clean fuel equals happy motor.

Perhaps it needs a little whispering… stand by. more later


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