Monday January’s 29th, twenty eighteen

We have been in the Bahamas since last Wednesday. The wind has howled the entire time we have been here. Today there is a bit of a respite but only for a few hours. We were in an area of compression between the Cold Front/trough and the High Pressure to the North. The High is moving off allowing the next Cold Front to march in later today. Back to big winds and seas for a day or two.

We will move out of here likely on Wednesday. Our week/weekly rate would be up and it’s time to swing on the hook again. The seas are the big factor as we have to move to and by New Providence (Nassau) and on to the Exumas. Once we are in the Exumas we can find places to hide and our only stress will be to find a cut to get back to the ocean safely and make it to Georgetown.

more later

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