The new journal?

Wednesday October 18th, 2017

The other day we went to Sudbury shopping. We didn’t go specifically to shop, we went for one of those appointments and as a result of being there we shopped. To clarify, ML shopped and I went my separate way. I spent an hour by the lottery kiosk near the food court. I people watched and was people watched in return. When I find myself… waiting like this I’m always afraid I’ll be taken away by the authorities. I might even get taken away by the Security guard wearing a bullet proof vest. His vest has everything on or attached to it that lives in the special drawer everyone has in their kitchen…

I did shop. I needed a new journal for this season’s travels. I looked at Staples and they want so much, too much money for a bound book like I like to use. I went by Coles and I felt the call of the books so I went in. For my American friends Coles is a bookstore. I’m not sure what caught my eye first, the price or the cover. How could I not buy it with a cover that says that. It had a sticker price of $45 on sale for $12.

My new journal as inspirational as the cover is still leaves me with the blank paper problem. What is the first thing I will write in these lovely lined pages. So, I did exactly what you are thinking I should do. I put my name and email address in the inside cover page. At the very least the empty and blank book might find it’s way home.

After proofing this silly prose, I couldn’t help but write in the new journal…


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