Full bodied, Tropical, Exotic

October’s 19th…2017

Chapter one

We ran out of Kick Ass coffee so we thought we would try a couple of different coffees from Kicking Horse. We were at the Metro store on LaSalle Blvd. and they have most of the Kicking Horse coffees. Our purpose for the stop, we were there in search of caramelized onion jam… (it’s in the section with the bacon jam) Something ML does with cheese. Today I’m trying the Pacific Pipeline. It is a medium roast “full bodied, Tropical, Exotic”. I think there is a reason I drink Kick Ass, a dark roast bold coffee.  My review, I find it neither full bodied or exotic with only a hint of tropical.

Perhaps my bad review on this coffee is because I am unable to find my blue cup. I hear you saying don’t start on the blue cup again… ok. Perhaps it’s because this coffee is unable to give me the defibrillator jolt that my Kick Ass does. Maybe it’s due to the image I saw in the mirror when I first looked this morning. Each individual hair on my head seems to be repelling every other hair. What goes on in the night that leaves my hair like this?

I’ve written two paragraphs, and now into a third and I can’t remember what I was going to write about when I sat down. I hate it when that happens. So, I will continue to write in my style, once described by Tom Porter as ‘stream of unconsciousness’. It is more interior monologue but it really doesn’t matter does it.

Chapter 2

We have just over two weeks until we leave for Florida. As you may know we are driving this year. We will drive down and leave the car there until we come home next April/May. We will fly home at Christmas for a vacation from our vacation.

I need new tires for the car. Normally I would be looking at a set of high tech winter rubber compounded walnut shell infused studded spider man grip tires. But, I’ll be traveling south in early November. What do I do? All season tires? Our existing tires are getting to comfy moccasin stage.

The dregs in my coffee cup are almost exotic…

more later


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